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That’s right… I have real Internets.

Yep, I finally broke down and got U-verse. And after a bit of hur-derp related to the Black Beast’s onboard LAN* I am sitting here watching the fuck out of Maru videos and downloading necessary Orange Box updates like a boss.

Also I have told the Wii “look, here is a wi-fi access point, have fun.” And updated all my channels. And watched Pokemon Black/White trailers. Oh, Weather Channel, I missed you. Before I go to bed, I’ll feed that necessary info to the PSP as well.

Also also I finally replaced the temporary Wacom Bamboo Touch with a Bamboo Pen. And I’m having a little trouble getting used to using a pen again. I keep rubbing and poking the tablet going “hur, why no work? …oh right.”

*When I built the Black Beast’s current incarnation, the driver CD that came with the motherboard apparently did not have the correct drivers. This was not a problem because I had dialup back in the day (and I should probably just pull that vestigial organ called a “modem” out and turn it into a Ghostbuster belt gizmo or some shit but anyway) so I just disabled it in BIOS so as not to have Windows bitching and moaning about OMG WTF IS THIS HARDWARE. And all was well until I plugged the U-verse cable in and went “O SHITS WHY NO WORK”

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Date: 2011-02-11 10:40 am (UTC)
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grats on internets!


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