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…no, it did not kill me, that is not what I mean

So yeah, I finished P90X. I am not going to go OMG EVERYONE MUST GO GET THIS NOW or anything because holy shit it is definitely not for everyone but it worked for me when many things did not and that’s all I really have to say about that outside a cut.

(cut for length and for people who would rather not read about this sort of thing)

The funny thing was, I didn’t really do this to lose ass. It would have been a nice side effect, I thought, but I gave a lot more of a shit about getting stronger and in better shape to start running again (which I still need a) new shoes and b) a new SWAT bra before I can do–the latter because the one I have is now too big to keep the girls under control).

However, I wore about a size 12 (give or take depending on the jeans) when I started… and right now the jeans in the daily rotation are mostly size 8′s. Today I am wearing a pair of 6′s I got just last week that are a little baggy in the ass and I probably could have gotten the 4′s. I have not worn anything smaller than a 9 since I was in the Air Force. I haven’t fit into a 6 since JUNIOR FUCKING HIGH. I can’t remember the last time a 4 fit. WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN.

I don’t have a visible 6-pack yet, but it is there. I know it is there, I can feel muscle in there when I poke my stomach, and between the second round of P90X I’m starting next week and the Wii Zumba I’m farting with on top of that, it is bound to show itself eventually.

Anyway, have some numbers.

Things I lost:

  • 13 pounds (actually 15; I’ve lost a little more since day 90)
  • 1″ off my chest
  • 3″ off my waist (actually 4 now)
  • 4″ off my hips
  • 3 1/2″ off each thigh
  • 1″ off each arm

And my day 1 fit test compared to my day 90 fit test:

  • Pull-ups – Day 1: ugh like maybe 1/4. Day 90: ALMOST DAMMIT
  • Vertical leap – Day 1: 6″. Day 90: 9″
  • Push-ups – Day 1: 17 on my knees. Day 90: 34 on my knees (I can actually do 10 or so proper push-ups on my toes but for the sake of comparison I went with knees)
  • Toe touch – Day 1: 6″ past my toes (yeah, I was already pretty flexible but…) Day 90: 8″ past my toes
  • Wall squat hold – Day 1: 1 min 17 sec. Day 90: 2 min flat
  • Bicep curls – Day 1: 25 with 10 lb. dumbbells. Day 90: 21 with 15 lb. dumbbells
  • In & Outs (first thing you see here except with hands on the floor near butt) Day 1: 22 (which actually just barely flunked the recommended P90X minimum of 25 but I thought that wasn’t such a big deal until…) Day 90: 55 (+ the “false start” 13 a couple minutes prior; was interrupted by cat that decided my feet needed to die)

Also there are two fairly hairy yoga poses I couldn’t do on day 1 but can do now: Crane and Wheel. I can’t stay in Crane longer than a few seconds at a time without a block to rest one toe on (and after three months of being so careful I finally managed to land on my face the second-to-last time I did the yoga workout, go me); I can stay in Wheel the whole time but still go “HA HA HA FUCK YOU” when Tony goes “ok now try raising a leg!”

I’d give him the finger but that would require me to remove a hand from the mat and that’s harder than raising a leg, so.

Soooo, yeah. Again, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but boy I am pleased.

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Date: 2011-04-02 12:19 am (UTC)
velithya: (Default)
From: [personal profile] velithya
that's some pretty serious inches! No wonder you're pleased :)


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