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So at the last possible second I decided that instead of doves, the Medic pony has parasprites (which he apparently figured out how to neuter).

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(click to embiggen, it’s fucking huge)

Watercolor, ink, and crayon. There’s also a CG version I’m farting with; that one will get both RED and BLU versions.

I was going to put the flamethrower on her back or something and then went “o right, unicorns do magic and could probably make fire.” For the record, if I do any more of these, the Medic and Spy will also be unicorns. …yeah, I know, I have problems.

I probably should have made her say “hudda hudda hoof.” Oh well, too late to change this one now.

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So random

May. 30th, 2011 11:27 am
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Pinkie Pie will bake you a very special lemon cupcake if you are her friend.

It has a candle on top. Light it and run.

(Yes, I bought a pony at the con, shut up)

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