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So this took one string of $2 battery-operated LED Christmas lights*, one $4 pushbutton power switch, some wire I cannibalized off a dead PC power supply, a piece of plastic with holes in it, some duct tape, and about an hour. Why the hell did I not do it sooner?

*plus one $6 string of white LED Christmas lights because the place accidentally sent me colored lights and while the blue/green/purple ones were awesome for the power cell (the blue ones), the cyclotron lights (the red ones) needed to be brighter and the red/yellow lights weren’t cutting it so I just swapped out the LEDs.

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I just put a bit of a bevel on the edges and it looks pretty good even without paint!

That’s the good news. The bad news is, the bolts I got to put them together are this much too short. So tomorrow I’ll have to go back and get bolts that are this much longer.

They’re going to get a light sanding and a coat of flat black, and then some subtle bronze-copper weathering on the edges. The first batch of three will hopefully be done by next weekend, and all three of ‘em are already claimed. :D

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Testing a different *Journal crossposter, one that lets me pick the userpic y’all will see on DW.

Also showing off a prototype.

It is covered in bits of words because it’s a recycled test-engraving scrap. The real article will be slightly thicker black plexiglass.

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