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So since my IRL friends don’t come here, I can wave this around without the recipient seeing it.

This is for one of my fellow Ghostbusters who is always schlepping my ass around town for events. He is also a Power Rangers cosplayer and working on a Blue Ranger outfit but spent part of Austin Comic-Con wearing a slightly more… casual version. Like so:

Now I just have to go print it out on a non-crap printer and stuff it in a frame.

oh baby jegus I love SAI so much I will never do lineart in Illustrator again oh my god.

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Package from Amazon containing a Wacom Pen and a new AC adapter that will hopefully resurrect my Wii (ordered 2/2): in transit, due 2/10 or so. Went with the free super saver shipping, so nobody but myself to blame.

Package from Blowfish, contents not listed because TMI (ordered 2/3): backordered till March

Package from AT&T containing my self-install kit for the REAL MOTHERFUCKING INTERNETS FINALLY which technically got turned on today but which I can’t do shit with until I get the fucking hardware that was supposed to be delivered today (ordered 2/2): stuck at the DFW airport since Friday, UPS says “Emergency conditions beyond UPS’ control”

Package from E-Street Plastics containing plexiglass that will be used to make shit that’s not even for me (ordered 2/5): arrived this morning.

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Swag alert!

Sep. 2nd, 2010 04:40 pm
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Purple Houston Area Ghostbusters dog tags are here, dudes! If you want one, go here and donate at least $10. Those of you who already have should be getting an e-mail asking for your snail mail address shortly. :D

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chaobell: Pyro taking a walk, firing flamethrower into the air just because. (Default)
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