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There’s a post and picspam about the Ernie Hudson-related parts of my weekend at Wizard World Austin over here. There are more pix up in here. None of them have been captioned or tagged, and some of them haven’t been turned upright yet because I was basically uploading them in my fucking sleep. Do check out the kid I dubbed “The Littlest Predator.” Because seriously, TINY PREDATOR.

Also Bubba Fett. The first time I saw this kid he didn’t have the helmet on and all I saw was Bud boxes and couldn’t figure out what the hell he was supposed to be. And then next time I saw him he had the Mandalorian helmet on and I went “OHHHHHHH” and chased him down for pics.

I brought home a complete set of Lantern Corps pins (I already had green and blue and the pins were $1 each or the full set of nine for $5, so I got an extra blue and indigo which will go on my church backpack), a bag with a Ghostbusters logo and “slime containment bag” embroidered on it (almost certainly not an official product), a scrub shirt from the same dealer with a logo and “slime containment technician” embroidered on it (ditto), an “I [companion cube] Portal” T-shirt, a Groverfield T-shirt, a drawing of me as a Simpsons character (ecto goggles and all), a bottlecap pin with a pentagram in it, some nifty fortunetelling dice, a variety of stickers (Green Lantern insignia and Awesomeface for my bike, Aperture Labs logo for the back of my proton pack which led to other Ghostbusters going OH FUCK YES and stampeding to the booth to get their own), some “Only dirt bags grab ion arms” stickers (ion arms being the part of one’s proton pack that packgrabbers seem to always go for) some Something Positive original art and Super Stupor #3, a button with a GLaDOS core and “Still Alive” on it, an interesting card game from Scare for a Cure, four J-horror DVDs for $5 (though this discount was accompanied by the seller alternately talking to my boobs and glancing nervously at the decoy ring on my left ring finger) a Family Guy fanart print for my mom and stepdad, and a Stargate keychain for my stepmom.

I almost got a dubious-looking Jem box set–asked the dude how much, thought he said “$15″, went “wow sure” and handed him a $20, he went “um, $50.” To which I said “oh well no thank you” and put it back. I love Jem, but not paying $50 for an almost certain bootleg.

Also I got to harass Randy in person again. That’s always good.

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Date: 2010-11-17 02:35 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] velithya
!! wow you guys had an amazing weekend! And you got a crapload of stuff too :)

Had a look at your pics - some nice costumes there! Good to see some WoW ladies still running amok ;P And you got a Power Girl - I seem to recall she's one of your favourites :)


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