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Common sense gains a bit of a foothold. A few harmless items are allowed on airplanes again. Pilots and flight attendants TOTALLY FLIP THEIR SHIT and refer to things like nail clippers and tweezers as weapons.

Look, guys. If a terrorist wants to kill someone bad enough, it doesn't matter what's allowed on the plane and what's not, he's going to fucking kill someone. He could strangle you with a necktie or a shoelace. He could hit you across the head very hard with a very heavy book. He could stab you with the KNIFE AND FORK YOU BRING HIM WITH THE GODDAMN IN-FLIGHT MEAL.

SD, STFU, and deal.
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Dear 77% of Texas voters:

You had a chance to knock a few holes in the stereotype of Texans as mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, three-toothed, beer-bellied, racist, sexist, homophobic fundamentalist hayseeds and you fucking blew it. I'm glad you'll sleep better tonight knowing that thanks to you, them durn queers can't do horrible things like get married in your great old state, or go to a state with some fucking intelligence to do so and have it recognized here.

Fuck every last one of you.


I'm not so much pissed that it passed--let's face it, there was always a very strong chance it would, this being Texas and all--as I am that it passed by such a huge fucking margin. 77% in favor. Fucking disgusting.

Hopefully, enough people voted "yes" on lifting Pasadena's "mostly dry" status that I will be able to walk down to the quickiemart on the corner and buy a lot of beer tomorrow to help me deal with this.
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So, as promised and after the shot or two of vanilla vodka necessary to handle this thing without my brain exploding from the sheer condescension and stupidity, the letter.

Dear Ms. [Chaobell]:

Thank you for sharing your concerns with the Office of the Governor.

Please note that Governor Perry has asked no one to leave this state. He said those seeking a gay marriage may find other states more receptive than Texas, but whether to leave Texas to pursue such an arrangement would be their choice. The governor's comment was in direct response to a reporter's question. The question asked pertained specifically to gay war veterans returning home and what they might think of a state not allowing them to marry.

The governor will welcome back to Texas any veteran who has served this nation with distinction.

Governor Perry respects the viewpoints of others, but he also believes that the vast majority of Texans agree with him that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman.

Dede Keith
Administration and Constituent Services
Office of the Governor

That's right. This is better than "His Majesty signed in his own rubber stamp." Didn't even have the balls to put his own name on the form letter, the spineless bastard.
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State of Texas: Yes sir! Right away sir! Would you like a blowjob with that, sir?

Texas. Love the state. Hate the government.

Which reminds me. Remember how That Fucker Perry basically told queer veterans to find another state to live in? I got a response to the letter in which I very politely ripped him five or six new assholes over that, from one of his underlings. I'll share it when I get home. It's just 100% pure stupid.
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A thought for today:

Our government can't afford to supply our troops in Iraq with decent armored vehicles, but it can afford to spend three million bucks on a fucking podium. And then turn around and tell the District of Columbia to raid its homeland security fund for more money to throw down on this dog and pony show.
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So now the City of Houston has this thing going, where if you break down on the freeway, you basically have six minutes to get your ass going again or a tow truck will arrive to cart your car off, whether you want it to or not, to the location of your choice--for a minimum fee of $75. Don't have $75 on you? Well, then your car gets impounded and a new clock starts ticking--the one that counts down to "we're selling your car." You cannot call your own tow truck. You cannot call AAA until after the tow. You will get towed by a city-approved tow truck whether you want it or not, and you will pay at least $75 right there on the spot.

The people that like this policy say "well, it's your responsibility to make sure your car can handle a trip on the freeway!" Okay. What if my car is perfectly freeway-worthy but my perfectly good tire happens to pick up a nail or a sharp bit of scrap metal or hit a stray piece of rebar the wrong way while on the goddamn freeway? It's your goddamn responsibility to clean up your construction debris, City. And you're going to pretty much fine me $75 because of YOUR fuckupery in doing so? Bitch, are you for real!?

I wouldn't be so bitchy about this shit if they'd just come out and call it what it is: a way to make up the budget shortfall. Seriously, Bill, just say it straight up. "Hi, Houston, we need money, so if you break down on the freeway we're going to screw you out of some, kbye." BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS. It doesn't have a fucking thing to do with safety or improving traffic flow or any of that shit, it's all about FUCKING MONEY and GETTING MORE OF IT OUT OF YOU.

Fucking Houston.


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