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Oct. 19th, 2010 02:44 pm
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I finished Persona a couple nights ago–bad ending, I answered one lousy question from Mai wrong, so I’ll need to do another proper playthrough later. For now, I’m in the Snow Queen side quest, and… and, uh…

Okay, Moo? When you said there was a penis in it? I’m not sure what I was expecting but suffice it to say that a) this wasn’t it and b) that was an awesome thing to have to fight just before I went to bed, really D:

(how have I gone this long without having a “penis” tag, what is wrong with me)

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Overall, Persona has aged pretty well for an old PSX game (although I understand the PSP remake’s localization is about 1000000000000 times better than the original’s, so that might be a factor). Still, there’s one thing that amuses me.

“Nuclear” is a spell type in this game. As in, some Personas will give you spells that basically let you bring down hot nuclear death on enemies.

Some enemies are immune to this, or even reflect it back at you, or even ABSORB IT AND HEAL.

Now that’s amusing enough… but some of these same enemies, some of these enemies that apparently consider enriched uranium a food group… some of these enemies are weak vs. physical attacks.

Drop a nuke on its head and it doesn’t even notice… but punch it in the nose and it falls over and cries.

And then there’s the whole thing with guns and range and how I can only assume that Maki’s firearm is a $10 Airsoft pistol from a shady flea market booth, because that fucker has no range whatsoever.

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Current position: grinding levels and convincing critters to part with their spell cards, having just gotten the shit kicked out of me in the CEO’s office at SEBEC. NEED MOAR ICE-WIELDING PERSONA.

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…yes, as of today I am finally no longer the only person on earth who has never played a single Megaten game. I picked up the PSP remake today. It comes with a soundtrack. Nice. I haven’t gotten very far yet–just found the key at the police station (hay guys, I said, do you think perhaps the key is in this big box on the wall clearly marked “KEYS,” while my companions are staring at random spots on the floor but anyway).

I decided to do my laundry at Mom’s today, which is farther away from me than the laundromat, solely so I could plug the PSP in to play this game.  And then it wanted to update my PSP’s firmware. And wouldn’t until the fucking battery charged to 60% or so. Which took pretty much the whole time I was at Mom’s, because it was dead dead dead.

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